March 31, 2016

TeenPoetry: a world of rhymes

Drowning in thin air
And I was an actor,
On my life’s scene.
I was playing a role,
Different from the others.
I was a woman trying to figure life out,
I was a fighter without a weapon,
So old ,but still trembling like a child,
A runner without a finish line.
I start to get lost in my own thoughts
But my faith isn’t here to be my pillar
My wings are wet and pulling me down
My heart is burning in my chest
I’m beginning to dream…
But those dreams aren’t mine
I am trying to wake up
But my eyelids stay still
This body doesn’t feel mine
My words are foreign to me
This isn’t the place where I grew up
This isn’t the life I used to live
This isn’t me…
And the curtains fall,

And I’m asleep again.

In search of myself

As I sat on my bed, the curtains were shimmering white
And the morning was rushing in.
The light shone through
And rested on my eyelids,
Making them glow from within,
Like weathered seashells on a beach.
My youth was shining through
Flooding the shores of my mind…
Awaking me from my slumber.
I have yet to feel joy,
I have yet to feel sorrow,
I have yet to know love.
I need to get set like pearls in seashells,
To become strong,
To become weathered,
To become old.
And when I am old, and worn, and tired,
I’ll know that I’ll have lived, and suffered, and loved.
The spring is shining through.

Autor: Velescu Maria
 Colegiul Naţional "Gheorghe Şincai" Baia Mare
cls. a XI-a E.

Poeziile au fost prezentate în cadrul a celei de-a IV-a ediţii a recitalului de poezie, în limba engleză, "TeenPoetry: a world of rhymes" organizat de American Corner în 24 martie 2016.

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Adrian Dan Pop said...

Very nice poem and very nice activity on American Corner Baia Mare.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you!