February 26, 2014

AMERICAN CORNER vă recomandă

Oferta acestei săptămâni este următoarea:
1) Robert Ward - Red Baker
When Red Baker, a Larnel steel worker in Baltimore, Maryland, gets laid off from his job he goes crazy: boozing, attempted philandering, running away from his future. Filled with unforgettable characters from Red's angry but loyal wife, Wanda; his basketball-star son, Ace; his lifelong friend Dog, a casualty of the layoff; and Crystal, the go-go dancer at Lily's bar who embodies Red's fantasies of escape. Red Baker is a classic American novel about a man with no identity who tries to replace the one he's lost.

2) Robert James Waller The bridges of Madison County



The story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for the fulfillment of a girlhood dream, "The bridges of Madison County'' gives voice to the longings of men and women everywhere and shows us what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same again.



3) Zakes Mda - The whale caller



As Zakes Mda's fifth novel opens, the seaside village of Hermanus is overrun with whale-watchers--foreign tourists determined to see whales in their natural habitat. But when the tourists have gone home, the whale caller lingers at the shoreline, wooing a whale he has named Sharisha with cries from a kelp horn. When Sharisha fails to appear for weeks on end, the whale caller frets like a jealous lover--oblivious to the fact that the town drunk, Saluni, a woman who wears a silk dress and red stiletto heels, is infatuated with him.




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February 18, 2014

AMERICAN CORNER vă recomandă

Oferta acestei săptămâni este următoarea:
1) Madison Smartt Bell - Master of the crossroads
Master of the Crossroads delivers a stunning portrayal of Toussaint Louverture, former slave, military genius and liberator of Haiti, and his struggle against the great European powers to free his people in the only successful slave revolution in history. At the outset, Toussaint is a second-tier general in the Spanish army, which is supporting the rebel slaves' fight against the French. But when Toussaint is betrayed by his former allies and the commanders of the Spanish army, he reunites his army with the French, wresting vital territories and manpower from Spanish control. With his army one among several factions, Toussaint eventually rises as the ultimate victor as he wards off his enemies to take control of the French colony and establish a new constitution. 

2) Michael Berg Abandoned in the maze



Cheryl Cobb is a single mom, a full time waitress and a supporter of the women's civil rights organization known as Pop-Con. When Cheryl is arrested for her involvement with the pro-choice group, her two daughters, seventeen year old Irene and twelve year old Rita, become wards of the state and are sent to the Trench Center Group Home. Set up more like a maximum security prison than a foster home, no one leaves the Trench unscathed. 




3) Alan Duff - Once were warriors



"Once were warriors" tells the story of Beth Heke, a Maori woman struggling to keep her family from falling apart, despite the squalor and violence of the housing projects in which they live. Conveying both the rich textures of Maori tradition and the wounds left by its absence, "Once were warriors" is a masterpiece of unblinking realism, irresistible energy, and great sorrow.



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