December 17, 2013

AMERICAN CORNER vă recomandă

Oferta acestei săptămâni este următoarea:
1) Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout - Whichaway

Fifteen-year-old "Whichaway" is stranded at the top of a windmill with both legs broken - and no one knows he's there. Facing dehydration and death, he must overcome his fears to survive.


2) Ellen MooreOne snowy night


It was one of the worst snowstorms Randy Taylor had ever seen in his years as a trucker. The entire North Carolina coast was covered with snow and sleet that made driving conditions treacherous. When his headlights pointed to a lone pedestrian on the deserted stretch of highway Randy couldn't help but stop. He assumed that he was picking up a runaway boy, but when the passenger's strawberry-blonde hair spilled out from under her cap, he realized she was a young, vulnerable, very pregnant woman.

3) Christina Dodd - Lady in black


Reid Donovan was not surprised to find a butler serving his grandfather. At the age of ninety-two, the head of Donovan Corporation deserved a household staff. What shocked Reid was the fact that his grandfather's majordomo was a sexy blond bombshell with big blue eyes and curves in all the right places. Considering the recent kidnapping threats his grandfather had received, Reid didn't think the lady butler was a good idea.




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