February 25, 2013

AMERICAN CORNER vă recomandă

Oferta acestei săptămâni este următoarea:
1) Lynn Freed - The curse of the appropriate man
A collection of short tales follows the struggles between mothers and their wayward daughters, the absurdities that bind women and men, and the complex interplay between masters and servants.
2) Jackie French - Rover
Captured by Vikings, young Hekja is taken as a slave to Greenland by the daughter of Erik the Red, and accompanied by no one from her homeland but her loyal dog, shares adventures with her new mistress, who is determined to make a name for herself as her father and brother have.

3) Michael Berg - Abandoned in the maze

The novel is set on a future stage where abortion has been outlawed in the United States and pro-choice advocates look eerily similar to the radical pro-life activists of today. Demonstrations, attacks on pro-life supporters and bombings are all part of the new pro-choice repertoire. Cheryl Cobb is a single mom, a full time waitress and a supporter of the women's civil rights organization known as Pop-Con. 

When Cheryl is arrested for her involvement with the pro-choice group, her two daughters, seventeen year old Irene and twelve year old Rita, become wards of the state and are sent to the Trench Center Group Home. Set up more like a maximum security prison than a foster home, no one leaves the Trench unscathed. The sisters are immediately separated and the hope of being reunited quickly fades as each must find a way to simply survive the physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

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February 18, 2013

AMERICAN CORNER vă recomandă

Oferta acestei săptămâni este următoarea:
1) Mary McBride - Say it again, Sam
While trying to solve a series of thefts, Sam Mendenhall, a local constable, becomes unexpectedly involved with his former girlfriend when the minor crimes turn into something more deadly and he must protect her life.

2) Kimberly Willis Holt - When Zachary Beaver come to town


Toby Wilson is having the toughest summer of his life. It's the summer his mother leaves for good; the summer his best friend's brother returns from Vietnam in a coffin. And the summer that Zachary Beaver, the fattest boy in the world, arrives in their sleepy Texas town. While it's a summer filled with heartache of every kind, it's also a summer of new friendships gained and old friendships renewed. And it's Zachary Beaver who turns the town of Antler upside down and leaves everyone, especially Toby, changed forever.




3) Tami Hoag - Dust to dust



Either way, it wasn’t murder. At least not according to the powers that be. But veteran homicide detective Sam Kovac and his wisecracking, ambitious partner Nikki Liska think differently. Together they begin to dig at the too-neat edges of the young cop’s death, uncovering one motive and one suspect after another. The shadows of suspicion fall not only on the city’s elite, but into the very heart of the police department.
Someone wants the case closed–quickly and forever. But neither Kovac nor Liska will give up. Now both their careers and their lives are on the line. From a murder case two months old to another case closed for twenty years, Kovac and Liska must unearth a connection the killer wants dead and buried. A killer who will stop at absolutely nothing to keep a dark and shattering secret . . .




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February 14, 2013

 Valentine’s Day

            Ieri, 13.02.2013, la secția American Corner a Bibliotecii Județene ”Petre Dulfu” Baia Mare, elevii cls. a V-a a Școlii ”Ioan Slavici” din Tăuții de Sus împreună cu prof. Nicoleta Kerekeș au realizat felicitări de Valentine’s Day. Având la îndemână materiale necesare (cartoane colorate, sclipici, figurine, cărți de joc, carioci, foarfece și lipici) copiii au realizat cu multă îndemânare și pricepere felicitări și figurine. O parte din materialele create au fost expuse în secția American Corner, iar altele au fost luate de elevi pentru a fi expuse la sediul școlii sau pentru a fi dăruite.



             Pe parcursul celor două ore cât a durat activitatea, elevii și-au folosit imaginația și creativitatea în realizarea materialelor.


Felicitări tuturor!